Chairmain's Desk

Message from Chairmain's Desk


As the Chairman of Salasar Balaji B.E.d. College, I would like to extend a warm welcome towards exploring the new education revolution in Gurukul Shikshan Sansthan. Technical Education is evolving rapidly to keep pace with the changing requirements of 21st century. Globalisation,technological advancement and paradigm shifts necessitate this metamorphasis .Technical education therefore needs to produce a different breed of technocrat, who can constantly innovate & identitify opportunities to achieve goals. Here ,at GSS,We belive in imparting quality education in a innovative way. Professionals education is incomplete without ethics and value based teaching.In SPC,teaching is focused towards making the student learn to face the challenges of solving real life problem successfully and also make them an effective human resouce to satisfy the changing industry needs.We imbibe them with physical soundness, mental aligity and intellectual vigor to compete in the highly diversified competitive world.

GSS is proud of its faculty members who are passionate about their profession .Their wide range of academic and insitute provide a platform for its students for training programs,industrial exposure,visiting lecturers ,journals ,wall magzines ,news letters. I welcome all young and inspiring learners to be a part of the reputation of Salasar Balaji B.E.d. College.

Keeping in view the above, I am pretty sure that this institute will prove a milestone in the field of quality education. I heartily welcome you all at Salasar Balaji B.E.d. College, Sursura and wish you tremendous success, not only here but in all the walks of life.

Er. Ranjeet Singh